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Hypnobirthing – Articles of Birth Affirmation

The Hypnobirthing belief is that birthing your baby should be viewed as natural, normal and healthy for the majority of women and is expressed in the following Hypnobirthing Articles of Birth Affirmation.

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Articles of Birth Affirmation

  1. Birth is a natural, normal and healthy human experience. Women’s bodies are created to conceive, nurture the development of their babies, and to birth. Their bodies are not flawed and destined to malfunction. In the absence of special circumstances, healthy women and their healthy babies deserve to be attended in a nurturing manner consistent with the status of their health.
  2. Families wishing to experience natural, unmedicated birth should be supported in their decision and encouraged through care and information to view birth as a positive, natural and even joyous experience. Their births should be allowed to naturally unfold in their own time, without undue chemical, chronological or emotional manipulation.
  3. Healthy women preparing for normal birth should be spared fear-provoking and intimidating discussions of abnormalities and dangers in the absence of any medical indication of such.
  4. Women, their partners and their babies are the principal players in this most significant experience. They deserve to be listened to and acknowledged as an integral part of the birthing care team.
  5. Pregnant couples should be encouraged to ask questions and express their wishes or concerns. They deserve to receive answers from their care providers that enhance their confidence and esteem as parents. Threats, sarcasm or other means of intimidation have no place in a nurturing caregiver/family relationship.
  6. Routine, non evidence-based procedures, testing and drugs should be avoided during the pregnancies and labour of healthy women unless there is specific, scientific indication for their use.
  7. Evidence shows that pre-born and newborn babies are aware, sensitive and feeling human beings who are participants in pregnancy and birth. Every effort should be made to accommodate the baby’s need for physical and emotional safety and comfort, and to respect the importance of the family relationship.
  8. Care during birth should be based solely on the well-being and needs of the mother and baby, and not upon the time constraints or personal needs of caregivers or facility administration.
  9. Pregnant families need to be able to trust that information provided by their caregivers is truthful and dispensed only after full consideration of the particular women’s prognosis, the benefit-to-risk factor and the desire of the birthing family to birth naturally.
  10. Families who are considered key players in their own birthing and who are afforded an opportunity to establish rapport, communication and a trusting relationship with their caregiver are least likely to leave their birthing in anger or with a feeling of betrayal, ready to explore litigation.
  11. It is a fundamental right of every family to expect that a care provider be willing to take the time to listen and hear, and, in response to ask – yes, to ask- how they feel about particular medications, tests and procedures that involve the mothers health and safety, as well as that of her baby.
  12. Caregivers who are supportive of families wishing to have normal births deserve to be addressed in a spirit of mutual cooperation and trust. They have the right to know that should a true special circumstance occur, their advice and opinion will be respected and acted upon.

Source: Hypnobirthing The Mongan Method Practitioner Material

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