Birth Preparation

What is Hypnobirthing and how can it help you have a calmer, more comfortable birth?

Hypnobirthing is both a philosophy and a technique or method for birthing. Hypnobirthing strongly advocates that childbirth is a natural, normal and healthy function for a women.

Therefore, for the majority of women who are having a healthy, low-risk pregnancy, their labour can be gentle and calm with pain effectively managed, in some cases to the point where only tightening sensations are felt and medicated pain relief is not required.

Remember, your body instinctively knows how to birth

Like all animals, the body of a healthy pregnant woman instinctively knows how to birth her baby in exactly the same way as a woman’s body knows how to conceive and grow the baby in her womb.

Hypnobirthing teaches women how to draw on their innate capacity to give birth in a manner that is comfortable, gentle, calm, powerful and joyful.

Hypnobirthing doesn’t promise that your birth will be totally free of pain. However, for 95% of mothers comfortable birthing is definitely possible using the Hypnobirthing method.

How does Hypnobirthing work?

Hypnobirthing will teach you how to draw on your body’s existing knowledge on how to birth your baby. You’ll learn how to relax into the birthing process and work with your mind and your body to birth your baby easily and comfortably.

Using Hypnobirthing during labour will allow your baby’s birth to unfold naturally without interruption and will help you to eliminate any fear you have of labour, reduce fatigue and shorten your labour.

The goal is a rewarding, satisfying and calm birth experience and a baby that is born calm, awake and alert.

This is nothing new or different

You see women have been birthing this way since the dawn of time.

Women have always been born with the ability to birth their babies from their bodies, in the same way that our bodies can perform many functions without our direct intervention including digesting our food, keeping our heart beating and going to the toilet.

Hypnobirthing teaches you to trust your body, to engage your mind to work with your body, and to allow your body to do exactly what it already knows how to do.

Women and couples find out in Hypnobirthing that they don’t need to be taught how to birth. They need to only learn about birth.

Stress and fear cause pain while birthing

Couples come to understand from Hypnobirthing that when the woman’s mind is free of stress and the fear that causes her body to tense up and respond with pain, her body is instead relaxed and her birthing muscles unrestricted and therefore her body can do what it has been well designed to do and simply birth her baby.

Birth is natural and normal

Hypnobirthing practitioners believe that birth is not a medical incident nor are you sick or diseased.

A healthy pregnant woman is simply participating in the birth of her baby, or childbirth, which is a normal bodily function.

Hypnobirthing and medical intervention

Hypnobirthing is not against doctors or medical intervention if required, however Hypnobirthing does advocate for allowing the birth to progress without unnecessary checks or medical intervention.

What if you are high risk?

Hypnobirthing is beneficial for all types of births including those women categorized as ‘high-risk’, or if your natural birth should take an unexpected turn and medical intervention or a surgical birth is required.

It will teach both you and your partner how to remain calm, relaxed and in control while you carefully evaluate all options and you give yourselves the time to make informed decisions concerning the birth of your baby.

Hypnobirthing teaches you to trust your body

Ultimately, Hypnobirthing will help you to engage your mind using various Hypnobirthing techniques such as breathing, affirmations and meditation so that you can work with your body during labour rather than fear labour and cause your body to tense up, restrict and respond with pain.

When it comes to birthing comfortably, mindset matters and Hypnobirthing focuses on teaching you how to have a positive mindset and a relaxed body that is able to do its job of birthing.

Articles of Birth Affirmation

The Hypnobirthing belief that birth should be viewed as natural and healthy for most women is expressed in more detail in the Hypnobirthing ‘Articles of Birth Affirmation‘. Well worth reading to find out more about how Hypnobirthing can help you have a calm, comfortable and positive labour and birth outcome.

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